Your Solicitors

  • When you have received our Application Confirmation email you and your solicitors will be able to view online our Offer and Drawdown Documents and our Valuation of the property you are selling
    • Our Offer and Drawdown Documents confirm you can take our finance in 5 days
    • Your solicitor can check our financial credentials with our Legal Department
    • Your solicitor will know (if you have told them) of any additional finance you may require and the details of any mortgage offer you have received for the property you want to move into
  • Your solicitor can confirm to the seller’s estate agent that you are a Fast Mover
    • Up to our offer of finance (Provisional Price™) of 85% DataSource Valuation or 85% RICS Surveyors Valuation if your house is valued less than £500,000 or
    • Up to our offer of finance (Provisional Price™) of 80% DataSource Valuation or 80% RICS Surveyors Valuation if your house is valued more than £500,000
    • Our Application Form requires you confirm that you will take legal advice and that if you want to take our finance only your solicitors can send us a Drawdown Notice (to protect you and to prevent fraud)
    • You have no legal commitment to take the Provisional Price™ and no legal commitment to sell your house until your solicitors serve our Legal Department with a Drawdown Notice.
  • See: How it Works

IMPORTANT POINT: We can not advise you if you should take any of our financial products. We can not recommend any financial product. If you need advice you must consult a solicitor, broker or independent financial adviser.