An Example


RICS Valuation £350,000

CHAIN FREE® (a chain-avoiding insurance type arrangement available through the Home Owners Plan™) enables you to say you are a CASH BUYER (up to your Fall Back Price®).

You can quickly secure your next house against competition with 20 weeks to find the right mortgage and any additional finance required.

The Plan does not legally commit you to take our finance (Fall Back Price®) or to sell your house.
See: How it Works



You can tell the sellers Estate Agent you are a

Your First Offer could be £376,000
(£400,000 less 6%/£24,000)

Second Offer £368,000
(£400,000 less 3%/£12,000)

Third Offer £396,850
(£400,000 less our 1% Fee/£3,150)

You can wait to sell for your Asking Price and before selling use CHAIN FREE® to buy at a discount*


– Selling Price (Valuation) £ 350,000
– Fall Back Price® (90% £350,000) £ 315,000
– 1% Fee (1% Fall Back Price®) £ 3,150 
– Buying Price £ 400,000
– 6% Saving on Buying Price £ 24,000


– On Buying Price £ 24,000
– Less 1% Fee £ 3,150
Total Saving £ 20,850

* IMPORTANT POINT: Most home owners will use CHAIN FREE® to secure their next house (recouping our 1% Fee) and will not need to take the Fall Back Price® because their Estate Agents will have sold their old house for more.

You can’t wait to sell for your Asking Price and decide to take the Fall Back Price® (we need 5 days notice) in which event your house will be sold through the Plan.

IMPORTANT POINT: You pay off your mortgage with the Fall Back Price®, transfer your mortgage to the house you want to buy or apply for a new mortgage.