RICS Surveyors Valuation £350,000

  • CHAIN FREE®: a 20 week chain-avoiding insurance type arrangement (with an offer of finance) available through the Home Owners Plan™ for a 1% Fee. See: Plan T&Cs para 3 and 4 for full details.
  • The Plan enables you, using our offer of finance
    (Fall Back Price®) to avoid the risk of being in a chain.
  • Before your house is sold you can quickly secure your next house against competition with 20 weeks to find the right mortgage and any additional finance required.
  • IMPORTANT POINT: Joining the Plan does not legally commit you to sell your home or to take the Fall Back Price®.
  • See: How it Works



You join the Home Owners Plan ™ and receive our offer of a
Fall Back Price®.

With our offer of a Fall Back Price® (available for 20 weeks on 5 days notice) you can say that you are a Proceedable Buyer.

Your First Offer could be £376,000
(£400,000 less 6% / £24,000)

Second Offer £368,000
(£400,000 less 3% / £12,000)

Third Offer £396,850
(£400,000 less our 1% Fee / £3,150)

  • You can wait to sell for your Asking Price and before selling use CHAIN FREE® to secure your next property at the best price *


– Selling Price (Valuation) £ 350,000
– Fall Back Price® (90% £350,000) £ 315,000
– 1% Fee (1% Fall Back Price®) £ 3,150 
– Buying Price £ 400,000
– 6% Saving on Buying Price £ 24,000


– On Buying Price £ 24,000
– Less 1% Fee £ 3,150
Total Saving £ 20,850

* IMPORTANT POINT: Most home owners will use CHAIN FREE® (our offer of a Fall Back Price®) to secure their next house (recouping our 1% Fee) and will not need to take the Fall Back Price® because their estate agent had time to sell their old house for the highest price.

  • You can’t wait to sell for your Asking Price and decide to take the Fall Back Price® (90% Loan to Value).
  • The Drawdown Documents include a Sale Contract (our Legal Department will add the buyers name and Transfer for you to sign) so if you take the Fall Back Price® your house can be sold through the Plan.
  • IMPORTANT POINT: You only have to sell your home (we do not buy your house) when your solicitors send our Legal Department a Drawdown Notice.
  • You receive the Fall Back Price® less our 1% Fee (your house must be contemporaneously vacant, empty and mortgage-free).
  • You can pay off your mortgage with the Fall Back Price® or transfer your mortgage to the house you want to buy.
  • IMPORTANT POINT: If you take the Fall Back Price® we refund the Administration Fee you paid to upgrade from DataSource Valuation to RICS Surveyors Valuation.
  • We re-instruct Your Estate Agents to sell your house.