CHAIN FREE® is a chain-avoiding insurance type solution for sellers who can’t proceed to buy their next property until they have sold their own (we do not buy your house). CHAIN FREE® will make you a Proceedable Buyer.

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VAL FREE® is a ready to go mortgage or interest-free home finance for the buyer of your CHAIN FREE® or CHAIN MENDER® pre-valued house. VAL FREE® will help you sell your house quickly to a buyer with finance.

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CHAIN MENDER® will mend a broken chain (we do not buy your house).  Useful if you want to move for retirement. With CHAIN MENDER® you can move before selling.

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SMART MOVE® is where you can find best price new build, retirement homes, insurance and legal services, home emergency repairs, utilities, finance, credit card, loan offers and mortgages.

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  • IMPORTANT POINT: The house you want to sell must have a current Market Value of not more than £500,000, be freehold and have a Land Registry Title Number (within the next 12 months we hope CHAIN FREE® and CHAIN MENDER® will also be available for leasehold purpose built flats).
  • CHAIN FREE®, CHAIN MENDER® and VAL FREE® home finance are ethical financial products available through your Estate Agent or Financial Introducer.
  • IMPORTANT POINT: You chose the Estate Agent in your town to sell your house and ask them to submit an Application to us (we do not provide lists of Estate Agents, we are impartial and do not recommend or promote any firm).
  • Chains are a sequence of linked house purchases, each of which is dependent on the preceding and succeeding purchase.
  • Each member of the chain is a house sale, which depends both upon the buyer receiving the money from selling their house and on the seller successfully buying their next property.
  • A chain begins when a home owner wants to buy another property before selling their own.
  • IMPORTANT POINT: Buying and selling your home can be the largest, most important and certainly the most stressful financial transaction you are likely to make. We have gone into considerable detail on this website as we expect that you, your estate agent, solicitor or financial adviser will want to know how CHAIN FREE®, CHAIN MENDER® and VAL FREE® work before deciding if these products will help you secure your next property for the best price whilst your own estate agents are trying to sell yours for no less than they would recommend you accept (Market Value).
  • If your  require advice as to whether you should take CHAIN FREE® or CHAIN MENDER® you must consult a solicitor or financial adviser (our Legal Department is available at legaldepartment@albani.finance to answer their questions or they can Contact Us).