• Ethics are the moral principles governing or influencing conduct.
  • No company in Albani Group will buy your house or take fees or commissions from third parties (See: Company Information). This applies to all products and services on our platform including those accessible at SMART MOVE®
  • We do not recommend or promote any firm of Estate Agents to sell your house.
  • CHAIN FREE®, CHAIN MENDER® and VAL FREE® Home Finance are fair and transparent financial products.
  • Albani financial products and the Home Owners Plan™ are designed to introduce ethical finance to home owners.
    • There is no interest applicable to the Fall Back Price® or Provisional Price™.
    • If you take the Fall Back Price® or Provisional Price™ from Albani and your house is sold at less than the amount of the finance you will not be required to repay any shortfall.
    • With CHAIN FREE® and CHAIN MENDER® you do not have to pay back the Fall Back Price® or Provisional Price™ (our finance is non-recourse) and we do not make any credit checks because we are not concerned about your financial position (our finance is non-status).
    • If you take the CHAIN FREE® Fall Back Price® or CHAIN MENDER® Provisional Price™ we will not gazump buyers of your house (accept an offer from a buyer and subsequently accept a higher offer from another buyer for more money than the first buyer offered). See our Buyers Anti-guzumping Provision.
    • We return the Administration Fee if :
      • after Valuation we do not offer you a guaranteed CHAIN FREE® Fall Back Price® or CHAIN MENDER® Provisional Price™ (provided there is nothing untrue or inaccurate in the Application Form);
      • your house does not have a Land Registry Title Number
      • we do not send you the Offer Documents to sign.
    • If you take our finance and then decide you want to return to your house before it is sold you can do so with no penalty or costs – all you have to do is refund us the finance.
  • Consumers no longer trust the financial system and have an appetite for change (we believe this means full transparency) so the Estate Agent pages and all links can be viewed by everyone. See: Application.
  • All Our Documents are in a standard form and cannot be altered.  Please note your solicitors must confirm to us the Land Registry Title Number for your house and provide us with a copy of your Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) otherwise you will not be able to take the Fall Back Price® or Provisional Price™.


  • CHAIN FREE® (a chain-avoiding solution making you a Proceedable Buyer) is available through the Home Owners Plan™ (Plan) operated by an independent company, Home Owners Plan Limited (Plan Company) incorporated in England under Company Number 6944615.
  • IMPORTANT POINT: The purpose of the Plan is to give you the insurance of a Fall Back Price® for the house you are selling so you have time to sell for no less than your Estate Agents recommend you accept (Market Value). Please See: CHAIN FREE® Home Owners Plan™
  • You have 4 weeks from Application to decide if you want to join the Plan to receive the insurance of a Fall Back Price® and to pay our Administration Fee. Time for you to decide if you will quickly sell your house for your Asking Price as there is no point in having insurance if you don’t need it.
  • If you take the Fall Back Price® and the Sale Price for the house you are selling is higher than Valuation you receive 80% Profit Share (Sale Price less Valuation) with no costs or deductions.


  • CHAIN MENDER® (a chain-mending Fast Sale solution) gives you, if your solicitors are holding a current sale contract for the property you desperately want to move into but can’t until your house is sold,  a Provisional Price for your house until it is sold (we do not buy your house).
  • You have 1 week from Application and to decide if you want CHAIN MENDER® and to pay our Administration Fee.
  • If you take the Provisional Price™ and the Sale Price is higher than the Valuation you receive 80% Profit Share (Sale Price less Valuation) with no costs or deductions.


  • We will donate at least 5% of our profits to charities/non-profit making organizations that promote cross-cultural support and understanding provided they have absolutely no religious connection or bias.
  • The charities/non-profit making organizations selected to receive donations to 31 March 2021 are:
    • Barenboim-Said Foundation coordinates the East-West Divan Orchestra and workshop for young people with the aim of combining musical study and development with the sharing of knowledge and understanding among people from cultures that traditionally have been rivals.
    • Medecins Sans Frontieres provide medical aid regardless of race, religion or politics and tries to raise awareness of the plight of the people they help.
    • Cricket For Change uses a shortened version of cricket called ‘Street 20’ to develop positive, long term links between groups of young people from a range of ethnic, religious and social backgrounds who may have limited or no positive interaction with each other.
    • Seeds of Peace does what no government can. It brings together young people, principally from different countries in the Middle East, to develop empathy and respect for each other and to give them the confidence to see the human face of their enemies by empowering them to emerge as tomorrow’s leaders.