Treating Customers Fairly

  • If your Estate Agents think you will quickly sell for your Asking Price you do not need CHAIN FREE®.
  • IMPORTANT POINT: If you become a member of the Home Owners Plan™ you will never have to sell your house for less than Market Value (the Market Value of your house is the highest offer your Estate Agent receives after proper marketing for sale when no higher offers have been received resulting in an exchange of contracts).
  • We will return the Administration Fee:
    • If during the Cooling Off Period you ask us to do so.
    • If after our Valuation Albani does not offer you a Fall Back Price®.
    • If after offering you a Fall Back Price® Albani does not sign the Offer Documents.
    • If your solicitor informs our Legal Department that your house does not have a Land Registry Title Number.
  • You can:
    • return to your house after taking the Fall Back Price® and retain ownership providing you repay us the Fall Back Price® before your house is sold through the Plan (you gave us vacant possession). No Charges – No Costs.
    • rent your house after taking the Fall Back Price® and before it is sold through the Plan (useful if your next property is not ready). Please Contact Us for details.
  • Your solicitors can obtain verification from our Legal Department of our financial credentials by quoting your URN (on the top of all correspondence from us).
  • You can decline permission to Albani to share information. Please see our Privacy Policy.
  • Although our finance is interest-free we have to show the APR. Please see APR? which explains what this means.
  • IMPORTANT POINT: On this website and in all Our Documents “days” mean working days and therefore “weeks” are illustrative (i.e. 1 week = 5 working days).