Your Profit Share

  • Profit Share:
    • Only applicable if your house has a RICS Surveyors Valuation.
    • If you want to take Our Offer of Finance the Drawdown Documents you sign will include a Sale Contract and Transfer.
    • Because we do not buy your house our Legal Department will add the buyers name to the Sale Contract and Transfer so we can sell your house on your behalf to recoup our finance.
    • If the Sale Price of your house is more than RICS Surveyors Valuation you will receive a Profit Share of 85% of the difference between Sale Price and Valuation (with no deductions).
    • Your Profit Share will be sent to your solicitors within 5 days from the date contracts are completed on the sale of your house.
  • IMPORTANT POINT: We can not advise you if you should take any of our financial products. We can not recommend any financial product. If you need advice you must consult a solicitor, broker or independent financial adviser.