• What CHAIN MENDER® can do for you:
    • makes you a Fast Mover if you have to quickly move to a new area, into a new house or retirement property, relocate or work from home.
    • for 4 weeks you will be a Fast Mover (up to your Provisional Price™) before selling with a Profit Share.
  • IMPORTANT POINT: Use CHAIN MENDER® to quickly move only when your solicitors can’t delay exchanging contracts on your next home.
    • you are not legally committed to sell your home (we do not buy your house) or to take our finance until your solicitors send our Legal Department a Drawdown Notice.
  • When you have CHAIN MENDER®:
    • we do not buy your house which you never have to sell for less than Market Value.
    • you can exchange contracts for your next home in no more than 9 days.
  • See: How it Works