• What CHAIN FREE® (a chain-avoiding insurance type arrangement available through the Home Owners Plan™) can do for you:
    • Buying, enables you to quickly secure the property you want to buy against competition
    • Selling, gives you a safety-net of finance (Fall Back Price®) for 20 weeks while selling your house for your Asking Price
  • When you join the Plan:
    • You can say you are a Cash Buyer
    • You can use CHAIN FREE® to secure your next property with no legal commitment to take the Fall Back Price® and no legal commitment to sell your house
    • You have time to find the right mortgage and any additional finance required (if you are upsizing there may be a difference between the Fall Back Price® and the price of the property you want to buy)
    • You avoid abortive costs
    • You sell at your own speed   
    • You have insurance just in case
    • You can use it to quickly buy when house prices are rising or to take your time when they are falling.
  • IMPORTANT POINT: Most home owners will use CHAIN FREE® to buy their next house and will not take the Fall Back Price® because their Estate Agents will have sold their old house for more.