• Problems:
    • IMPORTANT POINT: You want to avoid being caught in a chain:
      • You need time to sell for your Asking Price.
      • You can’t quickly secure the property you want to buy at the best price.
      • You haven’t exchanged contracts to sell your house (the seller’s estate agent have said you are not a Proceedable Buyer).
      • You want to buy a newly built home before your house is sold.
      • You don’t want to end up paying abortive legal and survey fees and need time to get the best mortgage.
      • You don’t want to have to sell your house for less than your Asking Price.
  • Solved:
    • IMPORTANT POINT: CHAIN FREE® is a chain-avoiding solution. When you are a member of the Home Owners Plan™ and have CHAIN FREE® for up to 40 weeks:
      • You have time to sell for your Asking Price.
      • You can say you are a cash buyer and use CHAIN FREE® to negotiate the best price for the property you want to buy.
      • You will be a Proceedable Buyer.
      • You will be able to secure your new house whilst under no pressure to sell your old one.
      • You can avoid abortive costs and have time to find the right mortgage.
      • You have no legal commitment to sell your house and you will never have to sell for less than your Asking Price.
  • See: How it Works

The house you want to sell must:

  • have a current Market Value of not more than £500,000
  • be freehold with a Land Registry Title Number