• With CHAIN FREE® and our offer of finance (Fall Back Price®) available when you join the Home Owners Plan™:
    • you can say to the estate agent’s selling the house that you want to buy that you are a Proceedable Buyer
    • you have the safety-net of a Fall Back Price® when house prices are flat and can buy against competition when prices are rising
      easier to sell than buy
  • During your 20 week Plan Membership:
    • you can secure your next house while your estate agent is selling your old one
    • you have time to find the right mortgage and any additional finance required
    • you are not legally committed to sell your home or to take the Fall Back Price® until your solicitors send our Legal Department a Drawdown Notice
    • you never have to sell for less than Market Value
    • you have VAL FREE® for your buyer
  • IMPORTANT POINT: Most home owners will use our offer of finance to secure the house they want to buy and will not need to take the Fall Back Price® because their estate agent had time to sell their old one for the highest price
  • The Home Owners Plan™:
    • is not a quick sell scheme
      quick sell schemes only attract desperate sellers
    • does not buy houses fast for cash at a knockdown price
      fast for cash schemes commit you to sell for less than Market Value
    • does not buy your house
  • See: How it Works