Sellers Conundrum


THE PROBLEM: Sellers (imperative buyers, lifestyle sellers) don’t want a scheme to avoid being caught in a chain until they desperately need it, when a sale goes wrong or if they can’t sell for more and then are offered a knockdown price.

OUR SOLUTION: The Home Owners Plan™:

  • For 20 weeks the Plan provides you with a chain-avoiding insurance type arrangement (CHAIN FREE®) so you can buy your next house before selling your old one –  Looks at things differently:
    • Enables you to say you are a CASH BUYER before your Estate Agents sell your house
    • Provides you with finance (Fall Back Price®) in case your buyer doesn’t proceed or you can’t wait to sell for your Asking Price
    • We do not buy your house which you never have to sell for less than Market Value
    • You can quickly secure your next home (after your Application you can join the Plan in 1 day)
    • You avoid the chain (which can break at the last minute)
    • Will work for you in all market conditions to quickly buy against competition

THE PROBLEM: Telling the seller (you) at the earliest opportunity how you can avoid being caught in a chain is a defeatist message when you want your Estate Agents to provide a positive outlook.

OUR SOLUTION: 20 weeks  –  time for your Estate Agents to tell you:

  • What you can achieve and when:
    • If the Plan is right for you
    • When to join the Plan (you can join at any time providing at that date your house has not been “Added on” Rightmove for sale for more than 10 weeks)
    • If you join the Plan your Estate Agents can set the pace so you can buy and sell for the best price
    • When to make an Application
  • How it Works

IMPORTANT POINT: We do not recommend or promote any firm of Estate Agents and we do not take fees or commissions.