Sellers Conundrum

THE PROBLEM: Sellers (imperative buyers, lifestyle sellers) don’t want a scheme to avoid being caught in a chain until they desperately need it, when a sale goes wrong or if they can’t sell for more and then are offered a knockdown price.


  • CHAIN FREE®: an insurance arrangement with an offer of finance (Fall Back Price®) available through the Home Owners Plan™
    • For 20 weeks you avoid the risk of being caught in a chain (chains can break at the last minute)
    • The Plan is not a quick fix (We’ll buy your house fast for cash offering you less then Market Value)
    • When you join the Plan you never have to sell for less than Market Value (we do not buy your house)
    • When you join the Plan you have no legal commitment to sell your house (or to take our finance)
    • When you join the Plan you can tell the seller’s estate agent that you are a Proceedable Buyer

THE PROBLEM: Telling the seller at the earliest opportunity how they can avoid being caught in a chain is a defeatist message when sellers want their estate agent to provide a positive outlook.


    • During your 20 week Plan Membership you have a safety-net while Your Estate Agents continue selling your house for the highest price
    • Most sellers will use Our Offer of Finance to secure their next home for the best price and will not need to take our finance because their own estate agent had time to sell their old one for Market Value
  • See: What is CHAIN FREE®?

IMPORTANT POINT: We do not recommend or promote any firm of estate agents and we do not take fees or commissions