Company Information

  • Albani Group is a structure of two independent companies each of which provide different services to home owners.
    • The functions of each company are entirely separate and transparent (See: Ethics). The companies are:
      • Albani Limited (Albani) incorporated in England under company number 5808405 is a financial services company providing home owners with:
        • Specialist Open-Bridge Finance (CHAIN FREE® Fall Back Price® and CHAIN MENDER® Provisional Price™)
      • Home Owners Plan Limited (Plan Company) incorporated in England under Company Number 6944615 provides home owners with:
        • CHAIN FREE® a chain-avoiding insurance type arrangement through the Home Owners Plan™ (Plan) and
        • CHAIN MENDER® a chain-mending solution.
    • IMPORTANT POINT: Regulation
      • Albani Limited is Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) Reference No. 457682
        • CHAIN FREE® and CHAIN MENDER® are not regulated loans.
          • Regulated loans are those on a property the “home owner” is living in or going to live in.
          • When you take Albani finance (CHAIN FREE® Fall Back Price® or CHAIN MENDER® Provisional Price™) which you can use to pay off your mortgage your house must be contemporaneously empty and vacant
        • VAL FREE® Mortgages and Home Finance are regulated loans provided by selected Mortgage Lenders and Islamic Banks.
  • Houses of home owners who take Albani finance (CHAIN FREE® Fall Back Price® or CHAIN MENDER® Provisional Price™) are sold by the home owners High Street Estate Agent re-instructed by Plan Company.
  • If you take Albani finance (because you can’t wait for your Estate Agent to sell your house at your Asking Price) you will not have to pay your Estate Agents a Sale Fee as no company in Albani Group buys your house.
  • IMPORTANT POINT: If you, your estate agents, advisers or solicitors would like to discuss with us the Profit Share, the CHAIN FREE® Facility Letter and Fall Back Price® or CHAIN MENDER® Provisional Price™ please contact Albani Legal Department at Contact Us and quote, your unique reference number (URN) which is on your Application Approval email and all correspondence from us.
    • Our Legal Department can also confirm our financial credentials to your solicitors by quoting your URN.
  • VAL FREE® complaints procedure is in accordance with FCA best practice (See:
  • Albani will:
  • If you have any questions please Contact Us.

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