VAL FREE® Mortgage Lenders

    • Please first read Process.
    • If you want a valuation-free mortgage offer please click on the icon below to open the homepage of the VAL FREE® mortgage lender of your choice.

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    • When you have the lender’s contact details you (the buyer) must tell them you would like a VAL FREE® mortgage offer and give them the properties address and postcode.
    • VAL FREE® is a mortgage offer (valuation approved so only subject to status) from selected mortgage lenders for buyers of CHAIN FREE® and CHAIN MENDER® houses with a RICS Surveyors Valuation.
    • The lender will then access the valuation for the house you want to buy from a password protected list of houses that have VAL FREE® at
    • When you have accepted a mortgage offer the lender will transcribe our RICS Surveyors Valuation onto their own paper.
    • Albani will pay the Transcription Fee so you can choose from a selection of VAL FREE® mortgage lenders at no cost.
    • Mortgage lenders not offering VAL FREE® can be viewed at SMART MOVE®.
      • Applications for VAL FREE® mortgages can only be made to the mortgage lenders listed above (Albani is not a mortgage lender or mortgage broker).
      • Albani only acts as a “signpost” to the lenders listed above and will not ask for or receive any details of your application or any details of your mortgage offer and will not contact you about your VAL FREE® mortgage at any stage of the mortgage process.
      • If you are using a mortgage broker they may charge you a Procuration Fee for introducing you to VAL FREE® lenders.
    • We can not advise you if you should take a VAL FREE® Mortgage. We can not recommend any financial product. We can only inform you of the names of the VAL FREE® lenders. If you need advice you must consult a solicitor, broker or independent financial adviser.

IMPORTANT POINT: We do not recommend or promote any firm of VAL FREE® mortgage lenders and we do not take fees or commissions.