VAL FREE® Mortgage Lenders

    • If you want a mortgage to buy a CHAIN FREE® Surveyor-valued house please click on the icon below to open the homepage of the VAL FREE®  Mortgage Lender of your choice.

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      Mortgage Lender
      Mortgage Lender
      Mortgage Lender


    • When you have the lender’s contact details you (the buyer) must tell them you would like a VAL FREE® Mortgage offer and give them the properties address and postcode.
    • Or you can chose any other lender at SMART MOVE® (they won’t be offering VAL FREE® so you will have to pay their valuation fees for the  house you want to buy).
    • We can not advise you if you should take a VAL FREE® Mortgage. We can not recommend any financial product. We can only inform you of the names of the VAL FREE® lenders. If you need advice you must consult a solicitor, broker or independent financial adviser.