Buyers Anti-gazumping Provision

  • Our Anti-gazumping Provision will give you peace of mind when you make an offer to buy a
    CHAIN FREE® or CHAIN MENDER® pre-valued house.
  • When a seller accepts an offer from a buyer and subsequently accepts a higher offer from another buyer for more money the first buyer has been gazumped. See: Ethics
  • IMPORTANT POINT: If we accept your offer and you (the buyer) exchange contracts and pay our Legal Department a 5% Sale Deposit within 6 weeks (i.e. 30 working days) from the date of our Acceptance Email (our Legal Department will send your solicitors a Sale Contract) we will not sell the house you want to buy to someone else for more money than you have offered. In this way you cannot be gazumped (time being of the essence Albani reserving the right to deal with other buyers at any time conditional upon this timetable not being adhered to).
  • If you need advice you must consult a solicitor or financial adviser (if you have any questions please Contact Us  or e-mail: