Your Estate Agents

  • You or your estate agent (they must be high street estate agents) can make an Application.
  • We do not ask your estate agent for their Opinion of Valuation of the house you are selling.
  • Your solicitors must be holding a current contract for the property you want to move into.
  • Our finance is the Provisional Price™.

If you TAKE our finance:

  • We do not buy your house so you will not have to pay your estate agent a Sale Fee.
  • Your estate agent will be re-instructed by Albani to sell your house for a sole agency 1.5% + VAT Resale Fee.
  • If your estate agent introduces a buyer who exchanges contracts for the purchase of your house within 20 weeks from the date of our DataSource Valuation for more than Our Offer of Finance we will pay your estate agent a £1,000 + VAT Success Fee (to reward your estate agent for selling your house for the highest price).
  • The Drawdown Documents include a Sale Contract (our Legal Department will add the buyers name) and Transfer for you to sign so if you take our finance your house can be sold by Albani.
  • On the day you want to take our finance (Provisional Price™) your estate agent will visit the house you are selling to make sure it is empty and vacant.

IMPORTANT POINT: We do not recommend or promote any firm of estate agents and we do not take fees or commissions.