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  • IMPORTANT POINT: This Application can be submitted by you or by any firm of High Street Estate Agents (you cannot submit during coronavirus). What are Chains?
  • CHAIN FREE® (available through the Home Owners Plan™) and  CHAIN MENDER® are currently available in these towns
  • You choose (if you have not already done so) a firm of High Street Estate Agents to sell your house (no point having a guaranteed Fall Back Price® if you are sure you will quickly sell at your Asking Price and will not lose the house you want to buy). We do not buy your house.
  • Our Application Acceptance Email will direct you to a webpage on which you can tell us the contact details of the High Street Estate Agents acting for you (we do not recommend or promote any firm).
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IMPORTANT POINT for Estate Agents:
  • Please confirm you have read Section 3 and about the product you are interested in before proceeding.


House Name or Number
Street Name
Is the house Freehold
Yes No
Is the house worth more than £500,000
Yes No
Is the house in reasonable condition
Yes No
Is the house in an urban location
Yes No
Is the house in walking distance of public transport and local shops
Yes No
Do you think house prices in the area are stable or rising
Yes No
IMPORTANT POINT: CHAIN FREE® is a chain-avoiding insurance solution and CHAIN MENDER® will mend a chain if it is broken. If the home owners solicitor is holding a current contract for the property the home owner wants to move into we can only provide CHAIN MENDER® (this Application Form is applicable to both CHAIN FREE® and CHAIN MENDER®).
Is the home owners solicitor holding a current contract for the property they want to move into
Yes No
House Type
Number of Bedrooms
Number of Bathrooms
Car Parking
Year built
Is any part of the house tenanted or used for business purposes
Yes No
Are you aware of any required building works or repairs that will effect the valuation of the house
Yes No
Are you aware of any dry rot in the house
Yes No
Has the house been flooded in the last 10 years
Yes No
Are there any trees within 20 feet of the house
Yes No
Are you aware of any subsidence in the house
Yes No
Is the house vacant
Yes No
Is the house empty
Yes No
Has the home owner found another property to buy
Yes No
Reason for sale
What is the ideal price of the property the home owner wants to buy (in £1,000s)
£  ,000


Home owners Email Address (If you are the home owner submitting this Application before choosing a High Street Estate Agent to sell your house please also answer the three questions at the bottom of Section 3 and then SUBMIT)

Estate Agent

See: Your Fees
Confirm that you have seen this property. Yes No
On-market for Sale
Yes No
Has this house been on the market for sale at any time during the last 12 months or more
Yes No
Internal condition
External condition
Garden condition
Demand in Area
House Prices in Area
Average time houses on market to offer accepted
Transaction Volumes in Area
Sale Prices Achieved in Area as percentage of Asking Prices

Estate Agent Contact Details

Your Firm Name
Your Firm Telephone
Your Work Email Address
Your Name
Your Mobile Number
Is the home owner aware of their right not to have data collected
Is the home owner aware of our privacy policy
Is the home owner selecting CHAIN FREE® aware they can join the Home Owners Pan™ at any time up to 8 weeks from the date of this Application after which a new Application must be made