CHAIN FREE® vs. Bridging Finance


Finance Period Fees Interest Exit







Open – bridge
85% > 90%
(houses up to £500,000)


20 weeks


1% payable in up to 1 Year
(No Sale – No Fee)
£340 Admin Fee







5 days




Loan Companies




Up to 80%




Up to 2% payable at the start Up to
1% pm



Up to 2%



Up to 14 days





  • CHAIN FREE® (available through the Home Owners Plan™) is open-bridge and non-recourse finance.
    • Open-bridge means there is no repayment date.
    • Non-recourse means that you are not personally liable to repay our finance (Fall Back Price®).
    • Bridging and mortgages are closed-bridge recourse finance (there is a repayment date and you have to pay back the finance you borrowed).
  • IMPORTANT POINT: CHAIN FREE® enables you to secure your next property at a discount (and recoup our 1% Fee):
    • You do not have to take the Fall Back Price® or have to sell your home.
    • See: An Example vs. bridging finance which legally commits you to take the Loan Companies finance.
  • CHAIN FREE® is interest-free.
    • We are not interested in your financial status.
    • If you have a mortgage the Mortgage Lender will want to know your financial circumstance.
    • You will have to pay interest and if you don’t pay back the money you borrowed you can loose you home.
  • You cannot loose your home as you do not have to pay back the Fall Back Price®.
    • Only if you take the Fall Back Price® will your house be sold through the Home Owners Plan™.
  • Because our finance is non-recourse we can only recover our finance from the sale of your house if you take the Fall Back Price®.
  • If the Sale Price of your house is lower than the Fall Back Price® you have no personal responsibility to refund us the difference.
  •  IMPORTANT POINT: Bridging finance, generally not available from high street banks or major mortgage lenders can cost at least 9% (2% up-front fee + 5 months interest at 1% pcm + 2% Exit Fee) and is 9 times more expensive than joining the Home Owners Plan™ .