Treating Customers Fairly

  • What Albani will do:
    • not advise on regulated mortgage contracts (VAL FREE® is a regulated mortgage contract)
    • only act as a “signpost” to the selected lenders listed at VAL FREE® Mortgage Lenders
    • not take fees or commissions
  • Buying:
    • If you are buying a VAL FREE® house Albani is selling (because the seller has taken our finance) you will not be guzumped
    • If you need advice you must consult a solicitor, mortgage broker or independent financial adviser
  • Application:
    • Through your broker to the mortgage lender (Albani is not a mortgage lender or regulated mortgage adviser)
    • See: Process
  • Why do I have to use a broker?
    • Because brokers can offer you exclusive deals that will not be available to you if you go directly to the mortgage lender.
    • Borrowers contacting VAL FREE® Mortgage Lenders directly for a mortgage quote will not be able to assess VAL FREE® mortgage offers as they are only accessible from brokers.
  • Your Questions:
    • Will be answered by a senior member of staff not a robot
    • Please Contact Us