Movers Conundrum

THE PROBLEM: Sellers who must move quickly (relocation, work from home, new house, retirement) don’t want to be rushed into selling their house for less than their Estate Agents say it’s worth as the only way to secure their next property.


  • Use CHAIN MENDER® only when your Estate Agents have not had enough time to sell your house and you have to be a Fast Mover (your solicitors can’t delay exchanging contracts on your next home):
    • Time for your Estate Agents to sell for the highest price (move before selling).
    • If you take our finance and the Sale Price of your house is more than Valuation you will receive 95% of the difference between Sale Price and Valuation.
    • We do not buy your house which you never have to sell for less than Market Value.
    • You can quickly move into your next home (you can exchange within 9 days).
    • You avoid the chain (which can delay moving).
    • Will work for you in all market conditions.

THE PROBLEM: Your solicitors can not delay exchanging contracts for your next property.

OUR SOLUTION: 3 weeks – Time for your Estate Agents to tell you:

  • If CHAIN MENDER® is right for you.

IMPORTANT POINT: We do not recommend or promote any firm of Estate Agents and we do not take fees or commissions.