Other Schemes

Other Schemes

Home Owners Plan™

Offer to buy from desperate sellers
Unique – Insurance type arrangement.
Distinctive Specialist open-bridge finance,
interest-free, non-recourse, non-status.
Selling services

Helps sellers buy at lowest price before selling for highest.

Exclude estate agents
Increases and secures instructions.
Restricted to a named firm
Any High Street Estate Agent.
Nothing for estate agents
£1,000 Success Fee if sale over Fall Back Price® and 1.5% Resale Fee.
Estate agents must provide valuation
Prices heavily discounted by Quick Cash Sale Industry
Seller can sell for MV.
Bridging can cost 9%
Quickly commit seller to sell
20 weeks to sell / or decide not to.
We buy any house anywhere
Have to sell for less than MV
Taken by sellers when a sale goes wrong, or if can’t sell for more
Time for Estate Agent to sell for Asking Price.
Quick Cash Sales discourage estate agent advice
Time for Estate Agent to consider if / when seller should join the Plan.
White labeled schemes saturating the market with identical old hat solutions
Albani will not White Label.
Must sell before buying
Must accept fixed price


Must agree to sell
CHAIN FREE® is a safety net if seller can’t wait to sell for Asking Price.
Schemes with Fees up to 3% 
1% Fee (back-ended). 
“local representatives”
to inspect 
Finance based on a valuation model
YES and RICS after internal property inspection.
Abortive costs
Take it or leave it proposition
Disruptive – Status quo vs. no legal commitment to take finance or to sell.
Nothing for buyers
VAL FREE® mortgage offers and SMARTMOVE®.
Part Exchange from 70% MV
Fall Back Price® will be MV if in 20 weeks no higher offer received.
Assisted Move sellers have sale opportunity conditional on subjugated buy / sell arrangements
20 weeks to sell at Asking Price / remain in control of buying / selling process.
Must use designated
estate agent
Payment generally 7 > 14 days
5 days.
Finance from unregulated company

Albani Limited / FCA: 457682.

Variations on a theme
IMPORTANT POINT: No obvious competitors – sellers can buy before selling
and can recoup 1% Fee with no legal requirement to sell or to take finance.
  • Sellers can’t sell until buyer has a mortgage valuation
    VAL FREE® solves that problem so sellers are not kept waiting
  • Buyers don’t want to incur abortive Valuation Fees
    Buyers of our pre-surveyor valued houses will know at no cost to them what valuation they can expect from their VAL FREE® mortgage lender
  • Chain related products on the market but with inherent weaknesses

Purchase offer restricted to heavily discounted MV

Lack of flexibility

Lack of customer option

Restrictive purchase method

Conflict of interest

Market image

  • What the Government wants and we provide

Market liquidity

Shorter time from exchange to completion

Buyers Anti-Guzumping Provision

Genuine service to home movers