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Difficult to train staff?

    • IMPORTANT POINT for Estate Agents: Consumers no longer trust the financial system and have an appetite for change (we believe this means full transparency so this page and all links can be viewed by home owners).
    • See: Your Fees
    • No opinion of valuation required. See: Application (you cannot submit during coronavirus)
    • No financial training required. See: Regulation
    • Unique. See: Other Schemes
    • No advice given
    • No risk of miss-selling
    • No Fee collection
    • IMPORTANT POINT: The home owner has 4 weeks from the date of Application to join the Home Owners Plan™ (no point of insurance if they are sure to quickly sell at their Asking Price) and to confirm the name of the high street Estate Agents acting for them.
    • The home owners solicitors can obtain verification of our financial credentials from our Legal Department by quoting the URN (on the top of all correspondence from us). Our Legal Department is available at
    • If your clients selling or applicants buying or their solicitors have any questions please Contact Us.
    • Your agency can introduce VAL FREE®
    • Adam J Walker (
      can train your staff at our cost how to introduce CHAIN FREE® and CHAIN MENDER® with the advantages of VAL FREE® to increase footfall and to earn additional fees.

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