Agent – CHAIN FREE® Customer Proposition

  • Tell the home owner (client selling and applicant buying)
    “CHAIN FREE® is a chain-avoiding 20 week insurance type arrangement (available with an offer of finance through the Home Owners Plan™) which will give you (if the current value of your house is no more than £500,000) the “safety net” of an offer of a Fall Back Price® of up to 90% of the value of the house you are selling which you can use to secure your next home.
    IMPORTANT POINT:  The home owner does not have to take the Fall Back Price® and does not have to sell their house and never has to sell it for less than Market Value. See: Benefits
  • Proceedable Buyer
    If your clients final offer for the house they want to buy is less our 1% Plan Membership Fee Fee your client will have secured the house they want to buy and recouped our Fee without having to take our finance (Fall Back Price®) or having to sell their house.
  • Avoiding a chain
    Introduce CHAIN FREE® so your client can avoid the chain while your firm has time to sell their house for their Asking Price (selling for the highest price).
  • In a flat market
    CHAIN FREE® will give your client and the seller of the property your client wants to secure the comfort that your client can precede (safety net)
  • In a rising market
    CHAIN FREE® will help your clients quickly secure their next home against competition with time to arrange a mortgage (peace of mind).
  • In all markets
    Most of your clients will use CHAIN FREE® to buy at a discount and won’t need to take the Fall Back Price® because your firm will have had time to sell for MV (unique proposition).
  • Reluctant Sellers
    Introduce CHAIN FREE® as a means to listings (secures Agency Fees).
  • Prospective Clients
    Introduce CHAIN FREE® and Fall Back Price® as a good reason for prospective clients to appoint your firm as selling agents (guaranteed “sale”).
  • Applicants Buying
    Tell prospective buyers that your client is not in a chain to encourage applicants to pay the full asking price (no rush to sell).
  • Applicants Selling
    Introduce CHAIN FREE® to applicants selling to persuade them to appoint your firm as selling agents.
  • Applicants for the same property
    Introduce CHAIN FREE® (so they can avoid being caught in a chain) and where appropriate CHAIN MENDER® (a chain-mending solution) so they can be a Fast Mover
  • Frustrated Buyers
    Introduce CHAIN FREE® to frustrated buyers so they can quickly secure their next property (no wasted time and abortive costs).
  •  Sellers Buying Overseas
    Introduce CHAIN FREE® as the way to secure their holiday/retirement home (time to carefully look for an overseas property without any prior commitment to sell their home).
  • Sellers thinking of Part Exchange
    Introduce CHAIN FREE® as the alternative to PX
  • Sellers thinking of Switching
    Introduce CHAIN FREE® to encourage them to stay with your agency (to quickly secure with time to sell)
  • Builder and Development Clients offering PX
    Introduce CHAIN FREE® as the way to facilitate early sales at full price (recovering development costs quicker with increased liquidity and profit margins).
  • All Clients and Applicants
    Making clients and applicants CHAIN FREE® with the advantages of  VAL FREE® will help your firm:

    • sell houses
    • frustrate competitors
    • gain new business
    • secure existing business
    • convert existing business quicker
    • save lost business
    • earn additional fees
  • CHAIN FREE® with the advantages of VAL FREE® will help your clients selling and applicants buying
    • in a flat market to have peace of mind
    • in a rising market to quickly secure their next property

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