Estate Agent – VAL FREE® Customer Proposition

  • VAL FREE® Customer Proposition
    Visit VAL FREE® mortgage lenders to view the mortgage lenders with a selection of ready-to-go mortgage offers for pre-valued houses up to £500,000 – useful when competitive finance is in short supply“.
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  • You can cross sell but cannot advise – if your clients or applicants have any questions please ask them to Contact Us
  • VAL FREE® is a mortgage from selected lenders only available to buyers of CHAIN FREE® and CHAIN MENDER® pre-valued houses.
  • VAL FREE® is a mortgage offer with a free valuation that is generally available within 10 days with all status checks complete to help you quickly sell CHAIN FREE® and CHAIN MENDER® houses.
  • Because the house you are selling has been pre-valued a VAL FREE® mortgage offer will give applicants confidence they can quickly finance the purchase of your clients property without paying a valuation fee and before they have put their own home on the market for sale.
  • All CHAIN FREE® and CHAIN MENDER® houses will be sold (empty and vacant) after a thorough spring cleaning, with their gardens tidied (Refreshment).
  • IMPORTANT POINT: Post-coronavirus buyers may prefer to view and buy a vacant and empty property.
  • Applicants Buying
    Introduce applicants to VAL FREE® before your competitors get an instruction to sell their property (instructions secure Sale Fees).
  • Reluctant Buyers
    Introduce VAL FREE® to encourage reluctant buyers (Applicants avoid abortive valuation costs).
  • Applicants for the same property
    Introduce VAL FREE® to all parties (so there is no chain) and so all applicants can get a mortgage offer for a pre-valued property subject to status checks.
  • All Clients and Applicants
    Offer all applicants VAL FREE® and all clients and applicants CHAIN FREE®. Introduce VAL FREE® to assist the fast sale of your Clients property and to secure another listing.VAL FREE® will help your firm:

    • sell houses
    • frustrate competitors
    • gain new business
    • secure existing business
    • convert existing business quicker
    • save lost business

    VAL FREE® will help Clients and Applicants:

    • in a flat market to proceed
    • in a rising market to avoid abortive valuation costs

If your Clients or Applicants have any questions please ask them to visit our website or please Contact Us

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