Estate Agent – CHAIN MENDER® Customer Proposition

  • CHAIN MENDER® Customer Proposition
    CHAIN MENDER® is a chain-mending solution (we do not buy your house) which will enable you to quickly exchange contracts as a Fast Mover for the property you want to move into (your solicitor must be holding a current sale contract) until you have sold your own”.
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  • Mending a broken chain
    Introduce CHAIN MENDER® as a means for your client to mend their chain (useful for clients moving into a retirement property or buying a new house) with a guaranteed Provisional Price™ + Profit Share (your client can precede). CHAIN MENDER®  will help your firm:

    • sell houses
    • frustrate competitors
    • gain new business
    • secure existing business
    • convert existing business quicker
    • earn additional fees

    CHAIN MENDER® will help your Clients and Applicants:

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