Agent – CHAIN MENDER® Customer Proposition

  • Tell the home owner (client selling and applicant buying)
    CHAIN MENDER® is a 4 week chain-mending solution which will give you a Provisional Price™ of up to 85% of the value of the house you are selling (if your house has a current value of no more than £500,000) to enable you to exchange contracts for your next home in no more than 9 days. When your house is sold you receive an 85% Profit Share (Sale Price less Valuation with no deductions)”.
    IMPORTANT POINT: The home owners solicitor must be holding a current contract for the property they want to move into so only  suggest CHAIN MENDER® when their solicitors can’t delay exchanging contracts. See: Benefits
  • Relocation
    Introduce CHAIN MENDER® so the employee can be a Fast Mover to speedily relocate without having to sell quickly at less than their house is worth (fast into new job with no house sale disadvantages) at no cost to their employer.
  • Mending a broken chain
    Introduce CHAIN MENDER® as a means for your client to mend their chain (useful for clients moving into a retirement property or buying a new house) with a guaranteed Provisional Price™ + Profit Share (your client can precede).
  • CHAIN MENDER®  will help your firm
    • sell houses
    • frustrate competitors
    • gain new business
    • secure existing business
    • convert existing business quicker
    • earn additional fees
  • CHAIN MENDER® will help your clients selling and applicants buying

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