Estate Agent – CHAIN MENDER® Customer Proposition

  • CHAIN MENDER® Customer Proposition
    CHAIN MENDER® is a chain-mending solution which will enable you to quickly exchange contracts on the property you want to buy (your solicitor must be holding a current sale contract for the property you want to buy; Albani will pay any Additional Rate of Stamp Duty Land Tax on this property) while we are trying to sell your house for the highest price“.
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  • Mending a broken chain
    Introduce CHAIN MENDER® as a means for your client to mend their chain with a guaranteed Provisional Price™ of 85% Surveyors Valuation + Profit Share (your client can precede). CHAIN MENDER®  will help your firm:

    • sell houses
    • frustrate competitors
    • gain new business
    • secure existing business
    • convert existing business quicker
    • earn additional fees

    CHAIN MENDER® will help your Clients and Applicants:

    • in all market conditions to become Fast Sellers (See: How it Works)
  • IMPORTANT POINT: Your clients solicitors can obtain verification from our Legal Department of our financial credentials by quoting your clients URN (on the top of all correspondence from us).

If your Clients or Applicants have any questions please ask them to visit our website or Contact Us

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