Estate Agent – VAL FREE® Questions

  1. Who can we discuss your proposition with?
    • Please call our CEO (and Founder), Anthony Apponyi DD: 01491 641 362.
  2. What is VAL FREE®?
    • VAL FREE® is a mortgage for buyers of pre-valued CHAIN FREE® and CHAIN MENDER® houses.
  3. How will it help me sell a CHAIN FREE® or CHAIN MENDER® house?
    • If the sellers house has been valued by our Valuation Surveyor (CHAIN FREE® Option 1 and all CHAIN MENDER® houses) your client will receive an offer from a buyer who can proceed quickly (Mortgage subject only to status).
    • Benefits
  4. Are there any other advantages?
    • Yes
      • If your client is buying a house sold through the Home Owners Plan™ or any CHAIN MENDER® house they can’t be guzumped.
      • Buyers Aniti-guzumping Provision.
  5. What about cross-selling?
    •  Your agency can cross-sell.
  6. Suggestions for improving the estate agent and customer proposition?

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