Private: Call Centre – VAL FREE® Customer Questions

  1. Why don’t you have Online Q&As?
    • We prefer to answer your questions personally on the telephone.
    • If any have not been answered to your complete satisfaction please contact us and your query will be brought to the attention of our CEO (and Founder) who will reply to you.
  2. What is VAL FREE®?
    • VAL FREE® is a mortgage (or home finance) for buyers of our surveyor-valued houses.
  3. What is the difference between a mortgage and home finance?
  4.  What are home purchase plans?
    • Home purchase plans are based on co-ownership and leasing.
    • The bank and you jointly purchase the property as partners.
    • Each monthly payment increases your ownership, while paying rent on the portion that the bank still owns.
    • At the end of the term, you have sole ownership, without interest having featured in the transaction.
  5. How will VAL FREE® help me if I am selling a CHAIN FREE® house?
    • You will receive an offer from a buyer who can proceed quickly to buy your house and you won’t have to take our finance. See: Benefits
    • Post-coronavirus buyers may prefer to view and buy a vacant and empty property.
  6. What is the advantage to buyers?
    • Buyers won’t have to pay for a valuation as the providers offering VAL FREE® have already approved and accepted the valuation on the house the buyer wants to buy.
    • Buyers will also save a great deal of time as they will have a mortgage offer subject only to status.
  7. Are there any other advantages to buyers?
    • Yes, if you are buying a surveyor-valued house sold by us (the home owner has taken our finance) you can’t be gazumped. See: Buyers Aniti-guzumping Provision.
  8. Is VAL FREE® regulated by the FCA?
    • Albani Limited is Authorized and Regulated (Reference No.457682) by the FCA [licensed under the Consumer Credit Act 1974, and registered by the Information Commissioner’s Office for the purposes of the Data Protection Act 1998].
    • VAL FREE® Mortgages and Home Finance are regulated products.
    • Regulated loans are those on a property you are living in or are going to live in.
  9. Do I have to pay your company a commission?
    • No.
  10. Do the VAL FREE® lenders pay you a commission?
    • No.
  11. How much would a normal valuation cost?
    • Costs can vary from £150.
    • Halifax charge £200 (from January 2018).
  12. How long would it normally take to get a valuation?
    • It can take as long as 14 days.
    • With VAL FREE® your buyer has no abortive valuation costs.
  13. Can you advise me if I should have VAL FREE®?
    • The FSA does not permit us to advise you
    • We can only inform you about VAL FREE®.
    • If you need advice you must consult a solicitor or financial adviser.
  14. Adviser questions?