Contractor Specification (Refreshment)

Contractors Specification

  1. Refreshment
    1. Attend Estate Agents to collect keys and fit external key safe.
    2. All carpets swept and vacuumed throughout.
    3. If carpets are loose or cannot be cleaned we will remove.
    4. Flooring swept and mopped where applicable.
    5. Window sills and ledges cleaned.
    6. Windows cleaned internally and externally where possible.
    7. Fitted mirrors to be cleaned.
    8. All wood work/skirting boards and exposed pipework to be dusted and cleaned where required.
    9. Kitchen cupboards emptied & cleaned.
    10. Fridge/Freezers emptied where applicable and cleaned.
    11. Oven/Hob to be cleaned thoroughly.
    12. Worktops wiped down & sink cleaned.
    13. Cobwebs dusted.
    14. Air Fresheners to be placed in all main rooms.
    15. All sanitary ware to be thoroughly cleaned.
    16. Loft spaces emptied and swept.
    17. Loft hatches to be left closed.
    18. Garages swept.
    19. Sheds and outbuildings swept.
    20. Clearance.
      1. All rubbish removed from site.
      2. Any junk mail to be disposed off.
      3. Any addressed mail to be left on site.
      4. Soiled curtains to be removed.
  2. Garden Maintenance
    1. Up to 1/4 acre to be included in the standard cost.
    2. Remove all rubbish and debris.
    3. Overgrown hedges, bushes, clibers, trees to be cut back neatly where required.
    4. Cut and tidy all lawns, making sure all cuttings are removed.
    5. Sweep yards, paths, drives, patios and apply weed killer.
  3. Visits
    1. Refreshment and Initial Garden Maintenance:
      1. 1st Visit within 5 working days of Drawdown Date.
    2. Ongoing Garden Maintenance: Max 4 further Visits:
      1. 2nd Visit at no more than  25 working days from Drawdown Date.
      2. 3rd Visit at no more than  45 working days from Drawdown Date.
      3. 4th Visit at no more than  65 working days from Drawdown Date.
      4. 5th Visit at no more than  85 working days from Drawdown Date.
    3. Latest dates for each Visit are shown on the Contractors Management page.
    4. When you Submit after each Visit the actual date of your Visit will be recorded.