Agent – Responsibilities AT Drawdown Date

Albani will notify the Estate Agent on the Management Pages of the Drawdown Date in order that the Estate Agent can comply with its Responsibilities At Drawdown Date

The Estate Agent will attend the house the home owner is selling (the Property) to ensure that it is vacant, and in particular to check that:

The home owner has removed all personal items from the Property, including from any loft, cellar, outbuilding, garage or garden area;
All rooms within the Property are free of chattels and clear of any rubbish or waste;
No Hazardous Waste has been left in or on the Property.
Obtain from the home owner all keys to the Property.
Hold the keys to the Property strictly to the order of the Albani.

The Estate Agent to advise Albani’s Legal Department as soon as it has satisfied its obligations as above so that Albani can release the funds to be drawndown by the Customer.


IMPORTANT POINT: The Estate Agent will have a URN to login to our Management Pages.