Customer – RICS Revised Drawdown Documents (Force Majeure)


1. Sale Contract – our Legal Department will add buyers name so if seller decides to take CHAIN FREE® Fall Back Price® or CHAIN MENDER® Provisional Price™ (Finance) their house can be sold

2. Transfer   the document used to pass registered land to the person buying it

3. Confirmation (if seller can provide it) that house complies with the Electrical Safety Standards in the Private Rented Sector (England) Regulations 2020.

4. Drawdown Notice – must specify the Drawdown Date and include the information (Required Drawdown Information) listed below*:

4.1 Waiver (anyone living in house over 18 must declare they will vacate the property)

4.2 Redemption statement (the cost of paying off any existing mortgages)

4.3 Undertaking (to discharge any existing mortgages)

4.4 HM land Registry Priority Search

4.5 Clear Bankruptcy Searches

4.6 Energy Performance Certificate

4.7 Photocopy of drivers license or passport for all parties to Finance Offer and photocopy of a recent utility bill for the house (to comply with Anti Money Laundering checks) IMPORTANT POINT: electronic AML checks

4.8 HM Land Registry Title Number for the house (if house is not freehold and does not have a Land Registry Title Number seller will not be able to take Finance)

4.9 Letters addressed to gas, electricity and water suppliers informing them of the meter readings and that the seller will be leaving the house on Drawdown Date

4.10 A letter addressed to the Local Authority collecting the sellers Council Tax informing them that the seller will be leaving the house on the Drawdown Date

*IMPORTANT POINT: Commits seller to take Finance and to sell house