Drawdown Notice Period

Property Details

Drawdown Notice Period

Drawdown docs. sent to Customers solicitors (post) – by
Register Caution that Sale contract entered into


Drawdown Notice received from solicitors with signed Drawdown docs.(Max )


Before Drawdown Date

Set Drawdown Date

Set Revised Drawdown Date

Check Documents Received (B9)

At Drawdown Date –

Check Estate Agent Responsibilities at Drawdown Date (see app; see)


Have all personal items been removed, including from any loft, cellar, outbuilding, garage or garden area

Are all rooms free of chattels and clear of any rubbish or waste

Is there any hazardous waste left in or on the Property

Have you collected the keys to the Property

Please confirm you are holding the keys strictly to our order

Agent Name

Agent Message

Valuation Details


Bank Drawdown Dates

Bank Authorised Drawdown Date
Confirm Bank Authorised Drawdown Date


Register Legal Charge – by

Confirm Checked Solicitors Compliance

Set Sale Exit Status of Property