Estate Agent – Customer Proposition

  • Tell your client selling and applicant buying they can buy before selling:

CHAIN FREE® is a 20 week chain-avoiding insurance type arrangement.

When you (your client or applicant) join the Home Owners Plan™ you can say you are a Cash Buyer before we sell your house.

You can join the Plan at any time providing your house has not been “Added on” Rightmove for sale for more than 10 weeks.”

An Example

How it Works


  • Tell your client selling and applicant buying that if they must move quickly they won’t have to rush and sell their house for less than it’s worth:

CHAIN MENDER® is a 4 week chain-mending solution.

You (your client or applicant) can move before we have sold your house for a proper price.

CHAIN MENDER® is only available if your solicitors are holding a contract for the property you want to move to.

Useful if you haven’t sold your house and have to be a Fast Mover.

Use CHAIN MENDER® only if your solicitors can’t delay exchanging contracts on your next home.”

How it Works


  • Tell the applicant buying one of the RICS Survayor valued houses you are selling for us:

“This house has already been valued (RICS Surveyors Valuation)   it is VAL FREE®.

You (your applicant) will not have to pay for the Valuation as it has already been accepted by selected mortgage lenders.

Knowing how much you might be able to borrow (on an approved Valuation) is helpful while you decide what to do (you may not yet have put your own property on the market for sale).”

How it Works


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