Estate Agent – Buyers

  • Within 5 working days of your client drawing down (their house will be empty and vacant) our contractors will collect the keys from you and make an initial visit to thoroughly spring clean the house, tidy the garden and fit an external key safe (Refreshment).
  • The management pages will advise you of the key safe number, Contractor Specification and the frequency of subsequent contractor visits for garden maintenance.
  • Houses will be sold with our proprietary Buyers Anti-guzumping Provision.
  • Tell all prospective buyers about VAL FREE®.
  • Our Asking Price will be Surveyors or DataSource Valuation.
  • IMPORTANT POINT: If the buyer completes contracts at a Sale Price more than Surveyors Valuation the seller will receive a 80% Profit Share (Sale Price less Valuation) with no costs or deductions.
  • Please go to Offer Pages to SUBMIT the buyers and their solicitors contact details and the buyers offer.
  • If we accept the buyers offer (we would like the max. over Valuation) we will send them (and their solicitors) an Acceptance Email accepting their offer conditional upon the buyer exchanging contracts and paying a 5% Deposit time-barred within 30 working days (say 6 weeks) from the date of the Acceptance Email. Time being of the essence Albani reserving the right to deal with other parties at any time conditional upon this timetable not being adhered to.
  • IMPORTANT POINT: Target 31 working days (say 6 weeks) on market to exchange
  • This sale process enables you to:

          Get multiple offers;

          Receive offers at over Asking Price;

          Reduce time on market; and

          Provide added-value (your buyers will not be gazumped).

  • If contracts have not been exchanged within 31 working days from the Drawdown Date the house will be put into the earliest Allsop Residential Auction.

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